Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's All Relative: Understanding Psychic Energy

Intuitives, Sensitives and Psychics: What's the Difference?

Throughout my travels, research and everyday conversations, I've
experienced a variety of reactions from people when paranormal terms sneak into the discussion. Either the people I'm speaking with will show polite interest and curiosity, or I get the rigid scorn of skepticism and crossing of the arms. Most are cautious and are trying to determine if I'm a total nutter, a crazy woman, or perhaps, credible on some level. Previously, I was reluctant to discuss anything paranormal with people outside of my immediate, trusted circle. Let's face it, no one wants to be thought of as a weirdo or mentally unstable. Even those who are more open to the possibilities still have preconceived notions or images about the paranormal. This is understandable since by definition it is outside the norm. I admit, I still lean towards the side of cautious skepticism and don't believe everything I personally hear, see or even feel. I choose to study, interpret and analyze certain information to determine (not always successfully) from, where and why it's being relayed. 

I realize that if I trip while walking, it's probably because I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, or if I taste something bitter, it's because a random spice got mixed into my food. However, there are times when the five senses can't provide the immediate answer, and this is when I pause and take a moment. This is where my passion for awareness, further study and answers thrives.

More times than not, the term psychic conjures images of 1-900 infomercials, neon signs in shady neighborhoods, wrinkled grandmas with crystal balls, voodoo ceremonies, circus acts and the local nutter who dances around in a field wearing bright colors and loving trees. What!?  I only do that on the solstice. LOL. We can thank the creative cons who have successfully exploited sciences inability to definitively prove the existence of other sensory abilities for such universally shared imagery. 

My attempt in discussing this is to hopefully break down the basics defining intuitives, sensitives and psychics by putting them in the simplest of terms to show the science and fluidity behind the extra-sensory abilities of people.  In reality, these levels of a 'sixth sense' are not abnormal.  At the lowest level we all possess intuition, which guides survival of our species.  

Without getting too metaphysical, philosophical or scientific, I'll begin by stating
we (humans) are inherently designed to sense and react to all forms of life and the physical world. It's been proven that we live in a world of streaming, "Energy  that cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."  In fact, Albert Einstein is the most famous mental intuitive in history. He understood this concept better than anyone. What we have labelled as psychic phenomena is merely energy that carries or holds vibration, intelligence and emotion. Energy is flowing, connecting and withdrawing all around us. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it is not there. It is the unseen nature of what is. This 'stuff' has already been or is on its way to being physical. 

We've been biologically equipped with functions to aid us in our environment. Think about smell, sight, hearing etc. We hardly give much thought about these physical senses, so why do we second guess the possibility of other inherent tools? Doesn't it make sense that by design we'd be outfitted with more? Think about these other (sixth or seventh) senses relating to wisdom and strength, we just access them differently than we do physical senses such as taste or smell. 

To better understand the different psychic types, I've broken down three: Intuitives, Sensitives and Psychics.  By doing so, it might appear that lines are drawn between categories, but this is only for explanation purposes.  As people accept and develop abilities they may evolve from one to another, or they may not. It is a fluid process and sadly, not much is understood about why it occurs.  Many theories and solid bases are being established, but nothing absolutely conclusive has yet to be proven (as far as skeptics are concerned). If you are a person who possesses abilities you already have your proof. You know what is absolute, but it is difficult to transfer this knowledge to the current scientific community. 

Intuitives have the ability to understand or know something immediately and without conscious reasoning. They possess a knowing, or receive intense impressions through feeling or emotions.  Meaning what they are experiencing is more than just an instinct, but rather an overwhelming wave that is impossible to ignore.  Also, some intuitives experience physical body aches, pain or nausea. Most impressions come though as thoughts, conceptions or ideas. Being intuitive may be frustrating because it's difficult to explain to others how you know what you know, without having previous knowledge. 

Sensitivesor sometimes referred to as highly-sensitive people (HSP) are more receptive to electricity, electrical fields or waves, sounds, smells, moods, emotions and extra-sensory conditions and presences. They may not be able to explain, understand or communicate what they are sensing, but they know it is happening. It seems there is a biological difference in sensitives that allows their nervous system to process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly than the average person.  It is also thought to be hereditary. Manchester Paranormal Investigation (MPI) states, "It is estimated that approximately 15-20% of humans have nervous systems that can be described as highly-sensitive. Sensitives are spiritually, mentally, or emotionally attuned to things outside of the ‘normal realm of consciousness’." 

Psychics have the ability to access at will extra-sensory information and knowledge. It is simply a more refined and developed form of intuition and sensitivity. 

Sources MPI and Discover your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard


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