Saturday, January 5, 2013

Did You Watch the Dead Files?

Did you watch the Dead Files, Buried Alive episode last night?  Yep, I got the shivers a few times during the viewing. If you read yesterday's post, you know that I recorded some of the experiences I personally had at the Merchants Cafe on January 3, 2013 prior to the airing of the Dead Files new episode.  

Even though I've been managing and dealing with abilities from a young age, I still question, doubt and always wonder if what I feel, see or experience might have a normal explanation. Yes, there are plenty of times I second guess or keep things to myself. After all, this stuff is difficult to prove.  Besides, if I spoke every time I picked up on something, I'd never shut up (and drive my family and friends crazy). Many times, my experiences aren't what I'd consider 'major,' or noteworthy, but maybe that is because I'm used to it happening. After all, it's how I live and have always lived.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as sensitive or intuitive as me.  

Was Anything Different, Similar or Validating?

In my post That Was Then, This is Now I highlighted the 'major' moments.  However, as a group and on my own we had other experiences that were discussed, but I didn't go into detail because they were feelings that simply can't be verified or backed up. I assure you, I believe what everyone claimed or reported because I too, was feeling the same things.  

I mentioned that upon entering the building I experienced a squeezing cramp around my heart area that lasted the entire evening. It was uncomfortable, but I was able to get through dinner and a walk-through. I'm used to this type of stuff happening. However, I noticed my daughter kept rubbing her chest as if she had an ache. She confirmed that her chest was bothering her, something she is not used to feeling. Half way through our visit, Darcy told us about her illness and how it affected her heart, chest and almost killed her. In my head, I thought, 'Ah-ha, that makes sense.'  

Prior, during or after my walk-through there was no mention of the previous experiences that occurred on the downward stairs concerning reports of being pushed and seeing white mist form. I first learned of this when watching the episode. Our group gasped during the viewing because I had taken a photo of the white mist forming on the stairs directly behind Lauren. At the time, I was just snapping pictures with no idea that claims had been made in this particular area. That was a validating moment and piece that added weight to what we captured and experienced.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I saw a very strong and vivid white mass form and shoot up through the ceiling while in the basement area. Amy verified the activity I felt and saw in the episode. Even though my vision wasn't as clear as hers, it was validating. Unlike her, I could not determine if it was male or female, but rather appeared to me as an energy form (both downstairs and upstairs) that was white.  

The most shocking and similar confirmation were the black 'creepy' things both Amy and I saw during our time at the Merchants Cafe. Again, her abilities are crazy good. She was able to discern way more than I ever could. What I saw was a black mass, moving, similar to spilled oil on the ceiling of the bar. She confirmed these entities and provided more information that they had something to do with the fire. 

Personally, I saw the black mass thing at the very end of my walk. I was actually getting ready to leave. I had stopped to talk to Darcy one last time.  During the conversation, I still had the pain in my chest (which I was trying to ignore). By this time, I was physically getting worn out and was ready to get some air and space. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer within the walls. However, something else began to occur. I started to feel like I was having trouble breathing - as I mentioned, like I had just finished running at a high altitude. It was actually difficult to maintain a conversation without pausing and taking a deep breath (kind of embarrassing when you're trying to appear 'normal'). I remember thinking to myself, man, I really need to get out of here before I pass out!  That's when I saw the black mass thing and stopped my conversation to alert Darcy to what I was seeing.  I really wanted to stay longer, but the pain in my chest and trouble breathing forced me to exited the building.  Once I got into the car, I expressed what I was physically experiencing. My family is used to hearing these types of accounts from me. However, another in the group confessed that they too were having trouble breathing since the moment we entered. The 'feeling' did not relieve immediately, but rather lingered until we crossed the Lake Washington. I literally let out a heavy sigh and said, 'Ah, I can finally breathe again.' At this same time everyone else noted they felt completely normal again. Note: Those who experienced this typically are not sensitive or easily influenced.  

When Amy talked about the black creepy entities coupled with what they could do or make people feel i.e. specifically trouble breathing, we again all gasped during the viewing. Of course, everyone immediately looked at me because I was so vocal about what I saw and felt at the time. With this particular experience, I was extremely confident--no doubts about what I saw or felt.  I got the instant chills and felt like I had tiny spiders crawling up and down my back. Yep! Tingles of validation. What Amy confirmed is what I had described the previous night. 

I absolutely agree with Amy, that anyone who is sensitive will have a hard time in the Merchants Cafe--it truly is that overwhelming. Perhaps, this will lessen if the owner continues to cleanse the space. 

Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of the corner where I saw the black entity. After thumbing through some online images I spotted this full view.  In the upper right hand corner (ceiling) at the end of the bar is where I saw the black oily mass sliding along the wall and ceiling. 

I'm certain I encountered three different paranormal entities that evening.  I believe the white form downstairs was not the same being as the white tight ball of zippy energy that darted across towards the bar upstairs. Also, the black mass was something completely different and I don't believe it was the only one. If I had stayed longer, I do believe I would have seen another and possibly experienced more, but physically I was not able to remain in the building. 

Spooked in Seattle hosts tours that include the Merchants Cafe and other historical places in the Seattle area. They also have a photo galley on their site along with a list of special events. My investigation at the Merchants Cafe was independent of any tour, but people always ask me if one is available so I decided to include the link.  I encourage anyone who is interested to check it out, also, stop by the Merchants Cafe to have a beer and burger!

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  1. if your daughter was rubbing the place on her chest "confirming" what you had felt, plus these things, as proven, were not being "happy fluffy, goodly things" why would you continue to subject her to them? I myself am an empath and if my own daughter felt such in a place that was proven to make adults sick to such a point as they did the owner, I would have her off the premises in a heartbeat.


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