Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JournalStone $2,000 Advance in 2012 Publishing Contest

Calling all HORROR writers!

Now accepting 75,000 words or more manuscript/novel on or before April 1, 2012. The winner will receive a $2,000 advance against future royalties and have his/her novel published by JournalStone.  Grammar counts, have it edited before you submit your entry.

JournalStone is a small press publishing company, not a vanity press.  We pay all the costs associate with publishing your novel. All an author is required to do is submit a freakishly scary book and rock our world.  There are no entry fees.
Genre: Horror only.  Nothing else counts in this contest. 

For more details please visit JOURNALSTONE webpage.

Why am I posting this on my author blog?  Because I am on the 2012 contest panel of judges!  Woot! 

BIO: Charlie Courtland is a fabulous dichotomy that embraces all her ridiculousness. She’s a published author of three gruesome books in the historical fiction/horror genre. She founded Bitsy Bling Books to give a voice and free review forum to indie/self-published authors, but also reviews for tall, grande and venti mainstream publishing and Amazon Vine. She graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and a minor in Criminology. Courtland rarely sleeps, drinks copious amounts of coffee and mutters endlessly to her dog.

  • What we'll be looking for:  Judging Criteria

Plot, Character Development, Setting, Rhythm, Grammar, Structure, Uniqueness, Style, Marketability, Judge’s Objective

2011 Advance in Publishing WINNER
That Which Should Not Be
Author Brett J. Talley
Miskatonic University has a long-whispered reputation of being strongly connected to all things occult and supernatural. From the faculty to the students, the fascination with other-worldly legends and objects runs rampant. So, when Carter Weston’s professor Dr. Thayerson asks him to search a nearby village for a book that is believed to control the inhuman forces that rule the Earth, Incendium Maleficarum, The Inferno of the Witch, the student doesn’t hesitate to begin the quest.

Weston’s journey takes an unexpected turn, however, when he ventures into a tavern in the small town of Anchorhead. Rather than passing the evening as a solitary patron, Weston joins four men who regale him with stories of their personal experiences with forces both preternatural and damned. Two stories hit close to home as they tie the tellers directly to Weston’s current mission.

His unanticipated role as passive listener proves fortuitous, and Weston fulfills his goal. Bringing the book back to Miskatonic, though, proves to be a grave mistake. Quickly, Weston realizes he has played a role in potentially opening the gate between the netherworld and the world of Man. Reversing the course of events means forgetting all he thought he knew about Miskatonic and his professor and embracing an unknown beyond his wildest imagination.

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