Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Is Nestor Maronski?

Nestor Maronski is a fictional character that exists in the collective and creative minds of writers.  He is also the star in the much anticipated release, Cutting the Fat.  It all began at the author board Bestsellerbound, a place where writers gather to discuss everything from commas to critics.  Under a thread discussing how to deal with (not so complimentary) reviews, Nestor reared his bald, ugly head.  

So, how do authors deal with reviewers?  They write about killing them, of course!  I'm excited to see this project come to completion and now available in ebook format.  The talented writers who participate at the cyber watering hole called, Bestsellerbound, have become a valuable group of colleagues and people I like to think of as friends.  Everyone who has or is thinking about writing a book review should read Cutting the Fat!
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Book Synopsis:
Nestor Maronski is the world's most notorious book reviewer, meticulously crafting his scathing critiques every week for the Daily Post. The massive Maronski fortune allows vile-tempered ol' Nessie to become a puppetmaster in countless other arenas, all of which are dedicated to his passion for desecrating the careers of independent authors everywhere. Now a myriad band of such wronged writers has glommed upon one scary idea: kill Nestor Maronski...but only after he's made to suffer.

The Post review by Nestor Maronski The Red Barn Book and author character featured in Cutting the Fat.
What happened next....

Want more Nestor?  For hilarious hours of entertainment you really should follow this literary ass on Twitter @NestorMaronski and become a fan at his Facebook Page.  Many authors drop by to leave their unfavorite critic a nice message or just to get him started on some rant.  Don't believe me?  All you have to do is message good ol'Nessie "I love indie authors" and you're certain to get a response.

Thanks for your support and think twice before writing that not-so-nice book review!

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