Thursday, January 20, 2011

Myself! What A Delicious Topic.

As usual, I'm late to the party. I just came across this meme and decided to join in. I like answering questions. It's probably because I'm so interesting and good-looking. LOL

Weighing In...What Is Charlie Talking About?  Oh, myself!  What a delicious topic.
  1. Why do you blog? I started blogging as a way to network with others interested in writing and books.  The book world is an amazing network of awesome people!  Cyber book clubs and challenges are the best.  
  2. What is your favorite TV show? Dexter!
  3. What's the first thing you drank this morning? Water.  I drink a lot of water.
  4. Are you married, single or in a relationship? I'm an old, married woman. LOL
  5. List three of your hobbies. Writing, reading and gardening.  
  6. What do you like most about yourself? My sense of humor and that I'm not like anyone else.  I embrace all my quirks.  
  7. List a couple of your favorite sites: My regular haunts are Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Librarything, BestsellerBound, Smashwords and Amazon Books.
  8. What's the last book you read? February The Fifth by Derek Haines.  I just started The Betrayal of Maggie Blair by Elizabeth Laird.
  9. Can you whistle? No.  I just seem to spit all over my chin if I try.
  10. List your favorite pro sports teams.  Boston Red Sox
  11. What's the last thing that made you smile? Reading a thread by authors discussing and sharing strange review comments they've received.  It was funny and comforting at the same time.
  12. Do you prefer mayo or mustard? It depends on what it's on.  I love mustard on some things, but hate it on a hamburgers.  Mayo pretty much goes on everything unless I decide it is a Ranch Dressing kind of day.  However, I hate mayo in egg salad -- it has to be Miracle Whip.  I'm a complicated lady.
  13. Do you have a crush on someone? Tim Roth from Lie To Me
  14. Do you get up early or sleep in? I sleep in.  I'm a night person.  Mornings?  What are mornings?
  15. Do you attend church? Nope.  It requires me to wake up in the morning, dress and put on make-up.  Yeah, that isn't going to happen.  I'll send my regards from home.  I'm certain a God can hear me if he is everywhere.
  16. Would you rather see a movie at home or in the theater? At home since we have a nice little theater system set-up.  Plus, there are no cooties on my couch.  I worry about what lives on theater chairs, especially those with cloth seats.  Ewwww!
  17. Was there a teacher or authority figure that ever truly stood out to you? Yep, my Intro. to Creative Writing professor in college.
  18. What is your favorite game? Clue and Uno.
  19. Cupcake or potato chips? Cupcakes.  I have a horrible sweet tooth.  Not really a chip gal.
  20. Tell us something random that we wouldn't know to ask. I like to see how fast I can complete a crossword puzzle.  It sounds geeky, but I can do them very quickly.  I'm probably some kind of genius ;D

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  1. My daughter is a creative writing major, in her third year of college. I enjoyed reading your answers! Have a great rest of your week.


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