Thursday, January 6, 2011

FINALLY! It's bowl time. Behind the scenes with the Nevada Wolfpack

Gabe and Brandon
As some of you might already know, my son Gabe attends the University of Nevada and is also a freshman football player.  This has been an exciting year for the wolfpack and our family is really excited about getting to share the upcoming bowl event.  Our Christmas was cut short due to football practices, but the family will be reunited this Saturday when we arrive and join the team and their families in San Francisco for the Kraft bowl game.  The team's plane landed on Tuesday and was greeted by media.  Since then, their days have been pretty packed with practices, media interviews, eating and a little bit of fun.  Throughout the long weekend I will be blogging and posting pictures about the experience.  For now, I'm going to enjoy this moment of being a UNR fan and a proud wolfpack mama.  Come Tuesday, I will get back to business as usual :)
When's the big game?

Behind the scenes video: A look at the Pack's day in San Francisco

John Bender's Bowl Blog -- Senior lineman for the wolfpack

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