Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Complete Guide to Indie Books, Anthology Vol. I, II and III

Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick in association with the outstanding cooperation of the members of Bestseller Bound has compiled a three volume anthology that includes books, bio's, and the first chapter samples of many talented indie authors works, including websites and purchase links.  Yes, you can buy these books from well-known, popular distributors like Amazon, Borders, Book Depository and Barnes & Noble.

Since a minuscule percentage of published books actually have a huge marketing budget, it can be difficult to find good reads on the front display cases.  Don't believe me?  Go ahead, I dare you to walk into a major book dealer this week and you'll find Snookie's It's A Shore Thing shoved at the front of the store.  Now, if this is your idea of a good read, then clearly this site and anthology is not for you.  So, those authors with smaller marketing budgets and even less hair, have banned together to make browsing for an indie book easier.  Volume Two is my favorite because it includes yours truly!  The Hidden Will of the Dragon is chapter 11.  The links to the other anthologies (one and three) are below.  Please, please check them out.  It is worth your while!
#2 BsB Anthology Vol Two

Anthology Vol. 1
Anthology Vol. 2
Anthology Vol. 3

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