Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Lame, But It Came To Me In A Dream

With everything that's been going on lately, holidays, web hijacks and huge giveaway promotions, I've put writing on the back burner.  Honestly, I've been ignoring the voices in my head because I just don't have enough blocks of time to dedicate to a story this time of year.  However, whatever is dying to get out just won't leave me alone.  I've always been the type of writer who didn't put much stock in plot derived from 'dreams' and often crinkle my nose at those who claim this form of inspiration.  It greatly pains me to say that I had the most intense dream last night. Yes, the story that I'd been ignoring simply wouldn't be ignored any longer.  I woke up with a booming headache.  Being skeptical, I waited for my mind to slowly forget the fragments of the dream sequence, but it stuck.  I then proceeded to rationalize what a stupid idea basing a plot line on a dream was and tried to shove any notion of it aside.  Still, after hours of distraction, the story I dreamt about remained clear, in fact, it grew in clarity and now has grown inside my imagination to the point that I really can't ignore.  If a writer can be haunted through a dream about a story that needs to be told, I think I'm experiencing it.

*Crinkling my nose*  I will be lessening my time online to concentrate on producing this dratted thing that is dying to get out.  As my friends and family know all too well, when I'm submersed in writing I become even more of a recluse.  Interruptions are a big no-no!  Yes, the evil wicked witch is working sign is going up on the office door.  As usual, I will be taking breaks throughout the day and will check in and (god-forbid) if I get blocked, I'll appear in public for brain cramp relief.

At the very least, I need to vomit some of this creative goo onto paper.  It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but even if it sucks -- I must try because for some strange reason, this idea wants life.


  1. What a clever way to invite pestering! I shall knock daily - but you don't have to answer.... :) Don't hurry just because we are dying to read it now!

  2. Go, Charlie, Go!! =0) I don't think writing from dreams is at all stupid. Cliche', maybe. Stupd? No.

    Happy writing!


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