Monday, December 27, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!

Welcome to my more 'personal' blog.  Blogging is a funny thing...we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read. Do you want to know who the person is behind all those words? Every Sunday Java from Never Growing Old will post five get to know you questions that we can copy and paste into our own Monday meme post. 

I hope you also drop by my book blog BITSY BLING BOOKS. I have lots going over there too!

What is Charlie doing for New Year's Eve?
I'm really lame.  I never, ever do anything on New Year's Eve.  For me, New Year's Eve ranks right up there with birthdays -- I can't stand it.  It means another year has gone by and I'm getting older.  I know, that's a negative way to look at it. Instead, I should be celebrating all the good accomplishments and looking towards the bright future.  Yeah, yeah...I think I will be reading in bed and grumbling about stupid drunks and the neighbors damn fireworks.  Bah-Humbug and all that....

How tall is Charlie?
I'm taller than a bread box, but shorter than an offensive line man. I'm around 5'5 -- maybe 5'4 if I'm shrinking.

What is Charlie's favorite pudding flavor?
I don't like pudding -- it's slimy and reminds me of baby food -- or things you eat when you're sick.  Yuck 

What room of the house does Charlie blog the most in?
It's a tie between the living room and my bedroom.  I split my blogging time equally so neither part of the house feels left out.  

What is Charlie's best physical feature?

I would say my full lips.  When I was younger fleshy lips weren't all the rage -- but now everyone is plumping or injecting to get what I was born with!  However, my husband would probably say my hazel eyes that change from brown to green depending on weather and mood.  He's an eye guy and an eye doctor.  Naturally, he would fall for a great pair of marbles ;)

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