Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yale Frat DKE: I Pledge to be A Pig.

The Yale University fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon new pledge induction chant:

"No means yes!"
"Yes means anal!"
"Fucking sluts!"

Just good old college fun? Some might argue that silly chants shouldn't be taken seriously and that they really do no harm. So, what's the big deal? Right? Will Carver's response sums up what I'm thinking perfectly.

"The problem isn't that a group of young men yelled something stupid, over and over agian. The problem is that I'm no longer sure we're shocked by people who turn rape and sexual assault into some kind of a joke. It's embarassing for those involved, sure. But the sentiment they expressed is shockingly — and terrifyingly — mainstream"(rhrealitycheck).

If polled, I'm sure most would agree with the statement that no one deserves to be raped. But, do we practice what we preach? After all, it's 2010 and we remain obsessed with the preservation of female virginity - especially among young women. America's abstinence-only-until-marriage is still viewed as the best and superior life choice.

Carver states, "I worry, though, that we've taken the Virgin/Whore dichotomy a step too far... Have we hit a place where any sexually active woman - or any woman who has somehow failed to live up to our bizarre (and bizarrely sexualized) standards of sexual "purity" - is simply a lost cause? She loses her agency. She forfeits her ability to say no — ever again."

Cultural attitudes are a main reason many sexual assaults go unreported. Yeah, but educated people don't think like this, right? They're more evolved. I'm afraid the answer is evident in the above video. In addition, I think Jodi Jacobson's response to the incident supports my concerns with this specific event:

"Rape culture is deeply embedded in U.S. society and has found sympathizers as high up in the political food chain as Senators, Congressmen, and Presidential candidates. It is often tolerated in business. And many of those illustrious leaders of politics and industry come from Ivy League schools like Yale."

So, if we agree that most leaders come from higher learning institutions like (but not limited to) Yale, and in 2010 these same men are marching around campus chanting "no means yes, yes means anal...fucking sluts," outside freshman women's dorms, what should I think? Is this all fun and games? A silly pledge task not to be taken seriously? Surely, these men will change their opinions and sympathies when it comes to rape and sexual assault when they take office, run a business, ect. because their actions as young men shouldn't indicate future character, right?

Please remember 1 in 3 women will be raped. Take a look around at your sister, mother, daughter and wife. Which one will it be? Then, think about that funny chant and silly pledge that means nothing and hurts no one.

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  1. Absolutely appalling. The frat and students in question deserve to be called in front of the University for these actions. That frat is creating a culture within their group in which no female is safe. This cannot be tolerated.


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