Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Hallows Eve Tale

The Ghost on Courtland Drive

I grew up in a haunted house. It's true, and those who hung out with me know what I'm talking about. Let me tell you about Agnes, the ghost in the guest room. I really don't know why she haunted our house or if she was indeed a little girl. Perhaps, this was just the form the entity manifested as in order to gain my trust.  Agnes whispered and moved things, she liked to play tricks when I had friends over. She also communicated with us through our store bought Ouija board. I sometimes think she globbed onto our home because she was attached or rather, attracted by the negative energy: the abuse, depression and illness that hung for years. From the outside our home looked like all the others on the suburban block, but inside it was a lonely place. We were the perfect victims for an evil entity to feed upon. Some might say it was a series of unfortunate circumstances that lead to the events that occurred on Courtland, but what if Agnes was to blame? What if she had a hand in causing sickness, encouraging depression and putting thoughts of suicide in our heads? I shutter to think what if those attempts had been successful? Would we all still be trapped in the house on Courtland? Maybe not all of us, but I know, or rather I felt Agnes wanted me. I'll be forever drawn to that house on Courtland Drive. I'm not certain if it is because of the memories that remain between those walls, or if it is Agnes calling to me to return home. I recently visited the town and drove by the old house. As I slowed the car my eyes immediately shot to the spare room window. The curtains were drawn and I wondered if she was watching, was Agnes still there or had she vanished when we moved on?

Happy Hallows Eve!

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  1. That sounds super spooky.

    Thanks for creepy by following you back.


  2. Great story! I lived in an old house in CO one time - a woman woke me out of a bad dream and was standing there when I opened my eyes - she floated backwards and disappeared - it was amazing!

    Happy Halloween!


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