Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blunder Book Burn Giveaway

Contest Closed.

Congrats to Malika for winning.  Her number, lucky #5 was picked by!

To celebrate the wonderful world of typos, I've decided to host an autographed proof copy of Dandelions in the Garden giveaway.  Part of the publishing process is receiving proof copies for approval.  My shelf is filling up with rejected copies due to typos, formatting and page numbering mishaps.  I thought about stoking my fire pit and setting these blunders aflame, but that would go against my belief that a book, no matter how flawed, should be burned.

Recently, I added an author's note to Dandelions in the Garden and corrected some errors in the text.  Of course, I'm sure some got missed...story of my writing life!  Anyhow, a proof arrived and to my frustration, page numbers were included on the title and copyright page.  I know, the horror, the horror!  However, this has to be fixed, leaving me again with yet another proof to add to my shelf.  But, it seems like such a waste!  It's up to you to rescue this book from going up in flames!

My Blunder Book Burn Giveaway:  A one of a kind proof print copy of Dandelions in the Garden, signed and shipped for free.


  1. I WANT THIS BOOK!!! I am so excited about reading it, especially after Hidden Will of The Dragon. I know I read them out of order but still...

  2. I was unable to fill out the form, there was no submit button.
    I would enjoy winning and reading this book.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com


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