Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get This Party Started

After a mini break and jaunt across the states to reunion with friends and family, I am back and ready to shake things up.  To protect the innocent (or not so innocent) I won't share my fun nuggets I collected while pandering through the mid-west.  Instead, I will let them ferment and use bits in my fictional creations.   I must say, some people gave me great material to work with, but whether anyone will actually believe it, well, that remains to be seen!  

More fun to come....In the meantime, ponder what the stars have in store for me!

You may be considering how to avoid the pressure of work today, but unfortunately, you cannot just slip away on a whim. Even if you try to escape into your past, thinking about your parents or your childhood won't likely offer you the solace you seek. Your thoughts keep returning to the present moment and what you are currently lacking. There's no need to force a change; just let your thoughts wander back and forth between the past and present until they settle down.

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