Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Not Try A Giant Cork?

Like many people, I've been watching the news this week.  Yes, the anchors from CNN are moving their lips and words are coming out.  I'm being dazzled with suspected terrorists shopping for fireworks, riots in Greece and the stunning plummet of the Dow in response to the crisis, but the most disturbing is the side-line oil spill gushing in the Gulf.   While I watch a group of guys weld a giant containment box, oil continues to leak and weather threatens the area.  I say, 'flip the off switch!'  So what if by doing so makes the well useless in the future.  Even more disturbing is the revelation that the 'box' has never been tested or proven successful in these depths.  Another concern briefly mentioned is that the ocean floor isn't a perfectly level surface so will this square box work?, if this bombs, how many more gallons of oil and time will be 'reasonably allowed,' to be wasted while they  come up with another crack idea?  I keep asking myself, "Why are not more people outraged at the delays?"

It was also very kind of Obama to announce that BP will graciously employ people from the fishing industry to help clean up.  Since their product (BP) destroyed the  livlihood (for who knows how long) the company will in return, let you clean up the mess.
"The Pentagon is reviewing what resources it could offer in the cleanup, but no decision has been reached.  We have come to no conclusions yet to what those [resources] might be and whether they would be of much assistance to the effort down there," Morrell said.
In addition, those affected will have the opportunity to work along side prisoners on work release passes.  It's a win-win right?  It's as if the White House along with BP is saying, 'So what if this is not your chosen career or skilled position.  Who cares if you have no training or knowledge, you should be thankful to have a job and income.  Of course, not the good paying jobs, because let's face it, you have no idea what you're doing, but here is a bucket and some peat moss, now get going.'

Okay, so this horrid, mismanaged disaster occurred.  Now what?  How does one go about cleaning up an oil spill?  Here are some of the ideas being offered.  Brace yourself, these are not a joke.

Hair And Mushrooms
The spongy hair mats, apparently, feel like an S.O.S pad and are about the size of a doormat. Once the mats are soaked with the oily black gunk, oyster mushrooms will be placed on the mats and will grow and absorb the oil. The mushrooms will take approximately 12 weeks to absorb all of the oil, converting the oily hair mats into nontoxic compost.

Oilsicles   One business plans to demonstrate a product that shoots a carbon dioxide solution from guns to freeze parts of the slick, which could then be scooped up and refined.
Hyper-Absorbant Peat Moss
tiny Norwegian company has developed a super absorbent organic peat moss that is capable of cleaning up oil floating on water. The peat is scattered on the spill and absorbs the oil, and, because it doesn’t absorb water, it can then simply be scooped out — taking the toxic oil with it.

Crews have begun setting fire to oil leaking from the site of an exploded drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a last-ditch effort to get rid of it before it reaches environmentally sensitive marshlands on the coast.

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  1. LOL No one's thought of Tampax yet?

    It is outrageous. Although, the mushroom idea is scientific fact. Another case of truth stranger than fiction.


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