Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Venus de Milo In Bikini?

You Be The Judge:  Ice Sculpture or Snow Porn? 

It appears that a creative and obviously talented New Jersey resident is making the most of the snow in Rutherford.  Proudly displayed on the front lawn is an interpretive rendition of the Venus de Milo in Rahway.  However, some neighbors are not enjoying the artistic wonder, but rather are bee-lining it to the police station to complain about the pervert with the porn.  New to violations of snowpeople, the local police weren't sure how to handle the complaint or what citation to issue.  So, to keep the peace, they asked the offending family to please cloth their snowwoman.  In this case, a carrot, some coal and a top hat just wouldn't do!  Reluctantly, the resident slapped on a bikini top and a sarong and called it 'objectified.' 

The artist is now claiming his work of art was transformed into porn by adding the bikini, claiming the clothing objectifies the model.  Apparently, the family can make a legal argument that their snowwoman was forcibly made into a beach babe worthy of Jersey Shore and because of this, sends a negative message about the female form and freedom of expression. 

I admit I have my own opinions about my neighbor's choices in lawn ornamentation including a bald eagle painted on the side of a fence, and the upside down (lower half only) of a manikin dressed in moss-covered jeans planted in the stump of a rotted tree with a skateboard nailed to the bottom of the feet.  However, bad taste is not against the law and I don't think it should be so easy to cry 'porn' just because of form.

The porn versus art debate is a hot topic in chilly town, and up for discussion. Grab a cup of cocoa and let me know what you think?  Is the snowwoman porn, or an expression and celebration of female form? 

Photos provide by Conneran Family


  1. How incredibly silly! We just had a discussion about nudity in art in my art history class...does it encourage/is it porn? In my opinion, that's an emphatic no! If this was intended as porn, perhaps the artist would have included a head with voluminous (blonde) hair and maybe some arms (and perhaps a different body position that I won't mention)! Obviously, the neighbors are a bunch of uneducated prudes because any person in the know would realize that it was modeled after a famous sculpture from antiquity...notice the missing arms and head...duh! If I was the artist, I would rather destroy the entire sculpture rather than mar it with that ridiculous bikini and sarong. Please!

  2. Well, I think it's different, but I guess if someone wants to make a sculpture like this in their own garden then it's their choice! The bikini just spoils it in my opinion!!

    CJ xx

  3. My neighbors had made the exact same snow sculpture! All of us neighbors facebooked them saying how much we loved it. But then again, we have a very artsy, liberal neighborhood. Loved this!


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