Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 5 Reason Tips Aren't Helpful

Top 5 Reasons Tips Aren't Helpful
The Wonderful World of Blog, Websites and the Land of Twitter

1   State The Obvious
Have great content, saying something useful, valuable and find your niche.  Whatever you do, don't be direct about what you are selling or why you are really setting up a website and/or blog in the first place.  Humility is key and you want to appear you are doing all this for free because you are a wonderful humanitarian.  Hint:  Your fellow followers already know the reason, because they are doing the same thing and have read the '5 Tips' too. 

2   Email Newsletter
Get traffic from email lists.  Most friends and family are already following to be polite and supportive.  The casual acquaintance, auto repairman and your kid's soccer coach probably will not appreciate being 'spammed, or heck, maybe you don't even like them anyway!

3  Make Site Attractive
Have great content (yes, there it is again), but keep it short.  Have links, articles, advertising, but don't make it too busy.  Include video, but make sure downloading is quick.  Do everything possible to create return followers.  Understand code!  This is the most important tip.  Take a class or online course if you must, because every follower counts.

4  The Myth of Social Media
If you set up Stumble Upon, links on other sites, and Twitter till your thumbs fall off—they will come.  The key is the longer you hold a person hostage on your site, the more it will fool Google into thinking your site is useful.  It's all about ranking!

 Be Engaging and A Degree in Psychology Would Help
Have something to sell without saying you are selling it.  This is where your sociopath skills come in handy.  Be friendly, polite, use the word 'please' when asking to RT.  However, be controversial to provoke responses.  Don't ask people to buy anything, but lure them with your charisma and great content.  They will buy from you when they trust you, so build a relationship, but don't be a stalker. 

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